Why do i need good protection ?

Moneo Consultants advise on tailor-made healthcare solutions. It is important if not essential to have a good healthcare plan for expatriates as they are usually not covered by national health plans.

Unexpected medical events such as accidents and surgeries can happen anytime anywhere. Joining an international health insurance program guarantees you will get coverage when faced with expensive medical bills.

Apart from major medical risks, your regular health needs, such as prescribed medicines, dental care and vision care can also be provided should you so wish.

Don’t wait until you or your family suffer from a medical condition, then it may be too late to get covered by insurance. It is best to take the safe path and get healthcare coverage now, especially with rising medical costs.

Choosing the right international health insurance provider guarantees you’ll always get the best possible healthcare from top private or public hospitals worldwide. And with right  provider, you get the advantage of direct billing and therefore you do not have to pay upfront for expensive medical expenses.

If you were to die unexpectedly, would your partner and children be able to continue to afford life’s little luxuries – annual holidays, music and sports lessons, school trips or fees for private education?

Or would paying for even the basics of everyday living such as clothing and food, loan and credit card repayments become a problem, let alone more expensive items such as medical expenses and child-care costs.

What if you or your partner were diagnosed with a critical illness and were unable to work again? Would you be able to continue repaying your mortgage and other financial commitments?

Lack of attention to something that costs very little can have a devastating effect on the financial security of a family. Every family has the right to be protected so isn’t it time you made sure yours are?

At Moneo Consultants our team of consultants can advise on a variety of different protection issues which will give you total peace of mind knowing that your family has an appropriate amount of protection to help them survive financially should you need medical care, die or suffer from a critical illness.