Saving with capital guaranteed protection

Aside from introducing clients to the benefits of global markets, Moneo Consultants also provides access to investments designed to protect against inherent risks.

Moneo Consultants has access to a variety of outstanding investment options; new opportunities that offer both full capital protection as well as partial protection options present themselves on a regular basis.

These products offer exposure to various markets, including global equities and commodities with the added advantage of capital protection.

Investments with capital protection carry a guarantee from a financial institution that some or all of the capital invested will be returned even if the market falls, but the objective is to obtain returns that surpass cash interest rates.

The advantages of capital protected investments are:

  • Higher returns than those typically available with a regular savings account for low risk investors
  • Portfolio protection against drops in value for low- to medium risk investors

Many different products are avalaible that guarantee you the protection of capital that you desire.

For example, if you decide to put $500 per month towards a guaranteed capital savings plan that caries a 4.25% annual interest rate over 15 years, you will have saved $90,000 but are guaranteed an amount of at least $126,000.

Moneo Consultants’ financial advisors offer guidance on a variety of savings solutions to accommodate to our clients’ individual circumstances. Through a tailor made, long-term financial plan, we will help you achieve your financial goals.»