Retirement planning

Retirement is a journey, not a destination, and when it comes to planning for retirement, the earlier you start, the better. Some tend to delay the planning because retirement seems so distant, and many of us feel that we have more pressing concerns.

Retirement is a time most of us look forward to – a time when we will be able to do many of the things we have only dreamt of in our working lives.

The trouble is, dreams of travel, hobbies or just relaxing with friends and family call for something many retirees have too little of – cash. And unless we make some long term plans while we are of working age, many of us risk being left financially ill-prepared for our senior years.

Finding yourself financially strained in later life could mean having to work for longer than you might have wished. At worst, it could shelve many of those life-long dreams you had planned for your retirement.

Although retirement planning is, at times, a complex subject, it does not need to be overwhelming.

As a result of regulatory and demographic changes, retirement financing is increasingly moving away from being a government responsibility to one provided for by the individual.

Through deep knowledge and understanding of the retirement products available to you, our financial advisors will help you set a realistic goal by determining how much you need to put in to finance your retirement, and we will be able to select investment vehicles, both locally and overseas, that will help you reach that financial goal.