Life insurance savings plans

Buying a dream home, sending your children to college, starting a business – everyone has long-term objectives, and building capital through regular savings is often the most straightforward way to achieve one’s goals. You may be surprised at how fast even modest savings can help grow your wealth.

But, as is so often the case, success is all in the planning, and that is where Moneo Consultants will help you.

Living abroad can often provide expatriates with a lifestyle that would have been impossible to attain in their native countries, but our experience in the offshore market has taught us that most people are not inclined to prepare for the unforeseen circumstances that will inevitably affect their finances from time to time.

Ensuring that you have sufficient capital set aside for unexpected setbacks is a vital component of the financial planning process, coupled with retirement planning and other common financial needs.

Indeed, the economic woes brought on by the 2008 financial crisis have heightened the need to plan adequately for our families’ futures.

Once we add the ever-present nuisance of ongoing inflation into the equation, setting up a savings plan becomes even more essential.

As an expatriate, you are in the unique position of being able to utilize offshore jurisdictions that give you the ability to reduce or even eliminate taxes on your savings. Keeping an offshore account also provides you with enhanced confidence through high levels of capital protection, something which is particularly pertinent in an environment where even major banks continue to show signs of weakness.

Moneo Consultants can help you with professional advice on financial planning throughout Asia. We have highly experienced financial planners who understand their territories and the needs of the people who live and work there.