Individual health insurance

Let’s be honest – working abroad carries some risk to your health and welfare. And risk is there to be managed.

It’s no secret that healthcare costs across the world are on the increase and that expats are often ‘on their own’ when it comes to medical insurance in Asia.

When choosing a health insurance plan, write down a list of things you would like to have covered; these options can include prescription medication, vision, dental, mental health, chiropractic care, addiction treatment, maternity care, and much more.

Knowing what you need and what options you would like will help you decide which health insurance plan is the best for you.

As experienced specialists in international health insurance, we understand that, living abroad, expatriates need comprehensive worldwide medical insurance.

Moneo Consultants is a specialist provider of international health insurance for expatriates. We offer a full range of worldwide health insurance plans, and whether you are looking for individual, family, group or company coverage, we have an international medical insurance plan that will suit your requirements.

We do not charge clients for our consultations; we are at your service to give you independent advice, product comparisons, technical advice and ongoing support at absolutely no additional cost.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to switch out your private medical insurance provider, we have the experience to help you.

Moneo Consultants works with the best international insurers but is tied to none – enabling us to select the best plan at the best price.