Education Planning

Moneo Consultants can provide you with the flexibility you need in meeting all or part of your children’s educational needs. By working with one of our advisors, you will be able to tailor a financial plan for your children’s education.

We know that you want the best for your children. You work hard to make sure they have everything they need for a comfortable and rewarding life. A quality education is the foundation of your children’s future success, and it is your best chance at giving them the opportunity to be everything that they can be.

Have you thought about a way to secure their future? According to statistics, a college graduate with a bachelor’s degree earns almost twice as much as a high school graduate, and someone with a professional degree can expect to outperform the former by 300%!

The costs of higher education are rising every year. On average, college tuition increases by about 8% per year, meaning the costs are likely to double every nine years. It is important to establish a solid financial plan in order to meet these rising costs.

The more affluent among us should also be careful not to neglect the responsibility of saving for their children’s education. Through careful planning, time management and professional financial advice, you will be able to prevent expenses that eat away at your disposable income and leave you struggling to provide for your own needs. Proper planning will also give you the peace of mind you want for your children’s future, placing the decision of whether to go on to higher education on ability and determination rather than financial constraints.

There is no mystery to achieving your long-term financial goals – all you need are clear objectives, access to decades of financial planning expertise, and the best savings products available.

Through an initial consultation we make an assessment of a client’s current situation, future prospects and objectives. This enables us to customize a savings program that makes the most of the client’s means.

The sooner you start, the more efficient your savings program will be, giving your children the best gift they could wish for – a promising future.

Planning for your children’s education is a particularly challenging task, one that can cause a great deal of frustration, so if you are an expatriate in Asia planning for your children’s education, do not hesitate to contact us.