Corporate health insurance

Moneo Consultants specializes in helping companies across Asia, large corporations as well as smaller businesses, enroll in group medical insurance plans.

Employees are the most important resource for most companies, and healthcare standards vary greatly from country to country.

Adding health insurance to your employee benefits package demonstrates to your staff that their health and wellbeing is important to you.

For businesses that post employees abroad, it is essential to ensure that these key individuals are protected and have access to top-quality medical care when required.

Forgoing proper medical coverage can prove very costly for both employee and business.

That is why professional guidance is as important as the insurance policy itself, and that is where Moneo can step in and help. We have access to – and exclusive deals with – the leading international medical insurance providers, enabling us to develop cost effective, made-to-measure plans to suit any business.

The types of coverage and range of options can seem bewildering… and it can be very expensive. We have helped loads of companies get the right insurance at the right price.

Indeed, we offer small to large-sized companies the flexibility they need. In addition to an extensive core of health insurance benefits, you can choose from a number of different options to match your requirements and budget.

Moneo Consultants is able to customize a solution that provides the most cost effective health insurance to employees at every level of your business.

We will be happy to work around your schedule to make an appointment – even outside normal working hours.