Commercial real estate Canada

REDEV are a Canadian company owned by Canadians.

REDEV have been in the real estate business in Canada since 1981.

During this time, REDEV have successfully developed over 11,000 units and currently have 25 shopping malls under management.

REDEV have the local knowledge required to succeed and have never lost a cent of client money – ever !!!,

You can rest assured that your money is in stable and secure hands.

80% of REDEV investors live in Canada and 66% are repeat investors.

“The vast majority of REDEV investors live in the area in which REDEV properties are situated – which speaks volumes about the value and excellence of these locations.”

Redev Plaza’s are :

Direct part-ownership of existing office & retail plazas in Canada’s vibrant retail sector.

REDEV maximise & increase the revenue potential of existing shopping plazas.

Investors Rate Of Investment Return is Based on established rental income from existing tenants

Recession resistant

Redev plazas have shops that serve the local community’s regular needs for example medical, dental, food and beverage, banking etc – items customers need on a regular basis whatever the state of the economy. As a consequence therefore rent is paid and investors continue to receive their cash flow.

During the recession of 2008, REDEV malls occupancy only fell from 97% to 95%, enabling all investors in all malls to continue to receive their 5-7% income payments per year

Redev Plaza’a are also – Stable. Steady. Secure.

The Redev Slideshow Presentation below will provide a greater understanding of how this ‘armchair’ investment works.

If you need extra time to view the slides simply use the “play / pause” control.

Features & Benefits Of Redev Shopping Plaza’s

  • Immediate income paid bi-annually(5 – 7%) and a capital gain realised upon sale or re-financing of the Mall
  • Low risk for peace of mind
  • 4 – 7 year exit strategy
  • No hassle – armchair investment
  • Triple-net leases – no additional out of pocket expenses – tenants pay for all maintenance,repairs,insurance etc out of their lease agreements
  • Historical average of 140% ROI (Return On Investment) when property is sold or refinaced after approx 5 years

Due Diligence As Applied To Redev Shopping Plaza’s

Redev buy every shopping Mall before its offered to you.All Plazas are profitable and fully,or near fully leased,average occupancy of all REDEV Plazas is 97%.

You can be sure therefore that REDEV have carried out the most extensive due diligence possible which include :

  • Background checks on previous owners
  • Environmental engineering tests
  • Checks to ensure the correct ratio of established tenants and well-known brandssuch as government,banks,large retailers of everyday consumables
  • Local vehicular traffic count
  • Age and condition of building
  • Age,occupation and income of local population
  • Potential land and industrial development projects
  • Shadow anchor tenants

Redev’s Strategic, Long-Term Planning

Prior to formalizing a deal, REDEV will meet with their consultants, agents, and, when relevant, construction companies and financial representatives to map out the strategic and effective plan required to ensure the success of every project that will be managed.

Redev retains organizations to:

  • Carry out due diligence on cash flow projections
  • Prepare market overviews, projections and outlooks
  • Conduct Phase I and Phase II environmental audits (if required)
  • Assemble physical property descriptions and reviews
  • Review major legal agreements
  • Property structural analysis

Redev strengths:

  • Quality Management: An experienced management team ensures all properties are fully leased, well maintained and produce steady, reliable income that maximizes value.
  • Quality Tenants: REDEV ensures all properties include well-known and well-established anchor tenants.
  • Quality Locations: REDEV only invests in prime locations that offer the highest growth potential.
  • REDEV provides the highest level of security: Partners own the property and are legally registered on title. An insured chartered accounting firm, a third party, acts as trustee, deals with all tax forms, and distributes income directly to each investor.
  • REDEV does all the work: REDEV take care of all due diligence on the property and appoint property management, accountants, lawyers, and arrange financing. REDEV outlays its own capital first, and then invites partners.