Capital guaranteed investments

As well as introducing clients to the benefits of global markets Moneo Consultants also provide access to investments designed to protect against inherent investment risks.

Moneo Consultants has access to a variety of leading bank investments; new opportunities are updated on a regular basis and offer both full capital protection as well as partial protection options.

The products offer exposure to various markets including global equities and commodities with the added advantage of capital protection.

The main advantage of a principal protected investment is obviously to protect 100% of the clients invested capital.

This type of investment is considered a low risk investment.

Furthermore, these regular capital investments provide significant additional benefits.

Indeed these type of investments give you access to a regular income combined with low minimum input into the investment product but also, and this is important not to forget, low surrender charges.

This is the type of investment best suited for investors who have short-term to medium term goals.

It also offers a very interesting alternative compared to low bank time deposit rates in force at present.

Furthermore the decision to choose a capital guaranteed investment gives clients more diversify to their portfolio with low investment allocations risk to the portfolio.

This kind of product is an excellent complement to your diversified mutual fund portfolio.

It provides high current fixed income returns with fixed and variable rate options.