• Who are we and how do we work?

Moneo Consultants is an independent offshore financial services firm based in Bangkok providing individually tailored solutions to the expatriate community in Southeast Asia.

Moneo Consultants offers a large range of products which are provided by our internationally recognized partners. We discuss with our clients their current financial circumstances, their financial goals, where they see themselves in the future and after comparing all available options only then do we offer a tailored plan to suit our client’s needs.

We act as advisers and brokers only. Client’s assets or cash are never held with us or pass through any of our company accounts.


  • Why do I need a consulting service?


Hiring a financial adviser will give you a much better chance at achieving your goals and ambitions by obtaining flexible and customized financial solutions.

Consulting services give you access to the international markets and specialized products which are not available to the individual investor, not to mention gaining expert advice that guides you through important financial decisions throughout your life.


  • Why choose Moneo Consultants? 


Moneo Consultants provide individually tailored solutions based on our clients dreams and aspirations.

Because of our in-depth current knowledge of the investment markets we offer a high quality service to all our clients.

Most importantly, we are passionate about what we do and we strive to give the best possible service to all our clients. Many of our clients are young and just starting to save and develop their portfolio and many are retired and already have a considerable portfolio set up. It doesn’t matter we treat all our clients equally and give them the best possible service.


  • How do we select our partners?

We conduct an in depth due diligence based on various different criteria including their size, geographical area, as well as their stability and solidity.

All our partners are internationally recognized providers in the world of insurance and finance.


  • How secure are my savings? 


All of our partners are internationally recognized and are located exclusively in areas where the client assets have the highest levels of security, protection and confidentiality.

They are located in the world’s top financial centers such as Luxembourg, France, Isle of Man, Guernsey and Cayman Islands.


  • Where are our customers based?


Our customers are mainly based in South East Asia but we also have an important client portfolio around the world.

Our team of consultants can also give advice via Skype or email if we are not in the area at the time.”


  • How do we get paid? 

We do not charge clients directly for our services. Our partners usually charge a management fee and part of that fee is then paid to us.

For specific cases, we may have to charge a fee for our service’s but the first meeting and proposal are free of any charges.